Bio From CMPT 320 Big Data Presentation:

Originally from Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Shawn completed his Computing Science undergraduate degree in 2016 At U of A in Edmonton Alberta. He spent the following year working remotely as a backend web developer using Python and the Django Web Framework. During this time his passion for things like Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies continued to flourish. It was these passions that drove him to the Big Data program at SFU.

The Big Data program has far exceeded Shawn’s expectations, not only in content, experience, and mentorship, but also in access to opportunities. In his first semester of his Masters at SFU, Shawn worked with Diana Cukierman as a TA for CMPT 320, and also as a software engineer for a local start up.

Shawn is now in Toronto, doing his co-op term with the RBC amplify program. He is also working in collaboration with the Big Data department at SFU to produce a survey of industrial needs for Big Data in Financial Technology. He has one course left to complete the program, and plans on remaining in Vancouver after graduation.

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Other interests include hiking, yoga, hitch-hiking, shamanism, music, revolution.

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