What Is This Blog

The blog is a personal tool for documenting my thoughts and experiences. It is to serve as a digital journal. Additionally, it will serve as career tool, as an online window into who I am. It is meant to supplement my online identity. An identity that currently consists of my resume, linkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, and various other personal data endpoints. This is where peers, employers, colleagues, family, and friends can access the most accurate digital filter of my personallity and identity.

It is to involve all of my life, that is too say, both career and personal aspects. This is a risky move on my part, as it is likely that future employers, (not to mention all of posterity), will have access to view this blog and all of its contents. Any initiate of the workings of the digitial age would warn me that maintaining such a blog is dangerous behaviour.

https://soundcloud.com/techonpolitics/episode-2-disrupting-the-game-of-inches-with-michael-fertik 16:09 Tech on Politics Episode 2: Disrupting The Game of Inches with Michael Fertik and Tech on Politics Michael Fertik: Make sure that the full picture of you , ezpecially the full picture of you, especially your deep passions and your abiding passions, are reflected on the internet not just your pleasuees, which are also important, they humanize you, they are part of you. what you like to eat, who your friends are, but what your passions are, people respond to candidate for office who have passions and accomplish things, make sure those are accurately reflected over time on the internet.

Written on September 24, 2017