What Is This Blog

September 24, 2017

The blog is a personal tool for documenting my thoughts and experiences. It is to serve as a digital journal. Additionally, it will serve as career tool, as an online window into who I am. It is meant to supplement my online identity. An identity that currently consists of my resume, linkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, and various other personal data endpoints. This is where peers, employers, colleagues, family, and friends can access the most accurate digital filter of my personallity and identity.

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The Open Source Revolution

November 12, 2016

Imagine with me for a second. A business model that builds on an open source, free software model. But not just for it’s software production, but in completely how it structures it’s people. Like right now we have capitalism and government. Two very successful methods that are now out dated. Imagine an open company, governed by open democratic principles, all technology in their stack is open source and I mean all of it! Money, transportation, communication. Everybody is exactly equal, unless the organization governs otherwise.

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Openai - The singularity

November 8, 2016

It’s the year 2023. India has skyrocketed into the number one most successful technology based economy. They have an open source revolution. It’s a bump in progress equivelent to capitolism, except much higher on the logarithmic scale. It blasts India from its global economic status from where it is now to a place of infinite abundance. They quickly disarm the world leaders of all the power that they have now and they replace the status quo to create a global utopia. Then suddenly in 2013, God arrives. Just as duncan trussel discusses, we are a self contructing summoning device. We are opening a portal to another dimension. God just beams into our existence and says thank you your work is done. Everyone who has ever lived will now come back to life. There will never again be scarcity or fear. You can literally do what ever you want with no repurcusions. Enjoy the rest of eternity. See ya!

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