Decarbonization and Sustainability Proposal for socialcapital.com An essay that I wrote on strategic land management for sustainability and decarbonization.

Decentralized Banking is Possible - Bloom Living Podcast

Imagining a New Financial Architecture - The Economics of Wellbeing Podcast


Blockgeeks workshop: AI in Cryptocurrency Markets - August 2019
This is a workshop tutorial on how to use machine learning to build profitable AI trading systems in cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to Bhaneeta for introducing me to the great team at blockgeeks.com

Crypto Community Supports Paralyzed Entrepreneur - The Trader Cobb Show

The Rise of The New World - The Future is Now - AIBC Summit Malta 2019 (EP 10)


Data Scientist at RBC Amplify
My team won the award for most disruptive internal solution with our product Bundle. Bundle solves access management in the bank by leveraging machine learning to produce optimal access packages bases on patterns in existing access data. For this solution we used matrix factorization, clustering, network modelling, and d3.js for visualizations. The video portrays me as a designer, but I was of course a data scientist.

Temporally Dynamic Visualizations of the Cryptocurrency Market

Market Visualization Demo with Marketflow - Long Tail Financial

Visualizing and Forecasting the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (Video), Poster, Report

Deep Reinforcement Learning for the Financial Portfolio Management Problem (Slide Deck)

State of the Art Reinforcement Learning and Evolution Strategy: A comparison of Scalability

Distributed Multi Agent Learning For Portfolio Management (Proposal)

Deploying a Distributed Cluster of Virtual Machines with CloudStack, Cloudera, and Hadoop

Image Format Conversion with CUDA and General Purpose GPU Programming

An Analysis of Locking Techniques in Multi-Threaded Programming


Constructing a Scalable System for Identifying Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Markets (Report)

Recommendation Systems Applied to the Yelp Database

Evaluating Dense Binary Encoding for Regression


Movement Prediction Based on EEG Signals using Hidden Markov Models


Music Information Retreival in African Music Field Recordings

Paper Summaries

Deep Reinforcement Learning For the Portfolio Management Problem

Xen and the Art of Virtualization

Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing

From CUDA to OpenCL: Towards a Performance-portable Solution for Multi-platform GPU Programming

Side Projects and Art

Buy Bitcoin Edmonton - I have since lost the domain for this and lost track of the source code RIP:

I made the following website as an outline for a business idea I had in Fall 2016, something along the lines of Cryptocurrency investment consulting firm. The idea is that if you could have a physical store front where customers can come in and purchase a very simple crypto-investment plan, similar to mutual funds at the bank, then you tap into a large demographic of people which are marginalized from the crypto-investment space due to inadequate internet navigating skills.

Spirit of the Forest Audio Collage:

When I first moved to Vancouver in May 2017, I was continuously bombarded by a stream of art and artists. I became imbued with the mystic energy which resonates here. An energy emerging from the ocean and reverberating about the mountains. An energy felt, and altered by all beings which has inhabited this geolocation, past and present. In this natural enclave, the people are inadvertantly possesed by spirits and demons of both gayan and cosmic nature. In this shamanistic state of traversing the rich ether of Vancouver, I felt a compulsion to join the artists, to manifest my subjective experience into an artifact which can be preserved, shared, and studied by all of posterity. Behold, that artifact which captures my experience of May 2017, My first month of living in Vancouver British Comumbia: